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About the printing house

  The company "Multilable" is a producer, not a supplier, of self-adhesive labels, with more than six years of experience in this segment of the Ukrainian market. Printing of labels Multilingual printing is always done in a high quality and on time.

 During the work, we not only studied the requirements for raw materials, which is used in the production of labels, but also worked out the technology of direct printing. During this time, together with our Customers, we went through various stages from a thermal label without printing for the subsequent bar coding to a full-color label with a coating of special UV-resistant varnish approval. We suggest that you buy the highest quality labels. Our company developed and developed the production technology along with the growing demands of our customers for the appearance of the label, its high-quality conformity.

Printing house for label printing

We use only high-quality materials from

  • Ritrama (Italy),
  • Fasson (Germany),
  • Budaval (Hungary).

Returning to the quality of the printing itself, it is necessary to note that our company uses the colors of UV approval. Using these high-quality paints allows us to reproduce the same high-quality image regardless of the absorbency of the material itself. Printing labels and stickers is our profile. The colors we use are highly pigmented, i. E. More saturated, so to achieve the required color density, we need half the paint. Theoretical paint transfer of the standard paint-transfer shaft is 5-6 g / m2, in our country it is 2.5-3 g / m2.

The offer of the printing house Multilevel

We offer printing services of our printing plant for the production of printed products with the attributes of your company. Employees of our company will provide high-level service and affordable price offers for printing labels in the printing house and various other printed products ordered by you.

Imported high-quality equipment makes it possible to replicate and print labels on our areas in a variety of print runs in a short time. Labels and stickers in black and white or color, you can make on:

  • Transparent and matte film basis,
  • Paper,
  • Foil of a very different shape and size.

High wear resistance of materials requires a long service life of products, regardless of external factors.

We will help with the development of an interesting layout for polygraphy of various complexity, which will make the image of your company unique and attractive, providing the goods with popularity. Contacting us, you will receive an exhaustive information about the services you are interested in.

So, let's sum up the results: Customers are different: someone saves on the cost of the consumables, but at the same time pays more for equipment maintenance, someone shakes off the problem, and in principle, does not want to delve into its essence (and this is also the correct position) , But in general, putting high demands on the quality of the label, these requirements are reduced to one - to find a balance of price, quality, both raw materials and printing, and spend less money and time to replace or repair the printing and sticking equipment. Our company for a long period, comparing these parameters, found this balance.

Order printing of labels in the printing house Multilable!