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Emoticons stickers for the evaluation of children's interest in learning


Not so long ago in schools, the progress of students was assessed quite severely - teachers could put "deuces" and "units" even to first-graders. Such a system resembled the formation of a hundred years ago, when teachers wrote in the diaries of students "bad", "satisfactory". In recent years, such an approach to evaluation has become a thing of the past, and in schools, smiley stickers are increasingly used for assessments.

What are the advantages of stickers instead of estimates?

The evaluation system with the help of cheerful stickers came to us from the US and Western Europe. In foreign schools it has been used for a long time. Psychologists and educators came to the conclusion that children, like air, need encouragement. Praise gives the child confidence, stimulates the study of objects. Low ratings, on the contrary, undermine the child's belief in their abilities, cause fear and reluctance to learn. But is it possible to do without any assessment at all?

That's why some teachers began to draw funny positive faces in the notebooks of pupils instead of marks. Then came the more convenient and funny stickers. Today, many domestic teachers prefer to buy evaluation stickers for the school.

Evaluation stickers for children: use cases

There are many ways to use these stickers. They can be glued right in the workbooks next to the completed tasks. In some classes, children start special notebooks, where the "earned" emoticons are pasted, and at the end of the week the one who collects more stickers is additionally awarded. You can stick stickers on the book covers, and on the lockers for clothes.

And psychologists advise teachers not to stint on encouragement. Smilies can be given not only for the correct answers in the lesson and homework done, but also for good behavior, a neat notebook, activity in the classroom - there can be many such reasons.

According to teachers and parents, after replacing ratings with emoticons:

  • The cognitive activity of children increases;
  • There is an interest in the fulfillment of tasks for which you can earn smileys;
  • The desire for creativity and initiative is stimulated;
  • The students' self-esteem is increasing;
  • The fear of mistakes disappears.

Evaluation stickers for first graders

It is especially important to buy evaluation labels for first-graders - at this age, promotion is especially necessary, and bad grades can have a negative impact on the child's psyche.

Manufacture of stickers


Printing house Multilabel offers to buy evaluation stickers for schools, printed on self-adhesive paper. To use them is extremely simple - you just need to peel off the adhesive layer with the image from the substrate and place a sticker on any flat surface. A set of stickers can be printed on a standard A4 paper or on a paper of a different size at the request of the customer. Bright and stable colors, durability, reasonable prices are the key characteristics of our products.

Smileys stickers for ratings: order and delivery

You can order printing of standard emoticons, or our designers will develop individual sets of images. It can be asterisks, cartoon characters, fantastic creatures - choose for yourself, which smilies stickers for estimations will suit you. Buy products can be wholesale and retail. Delivery of goods from our online store is carried out by transport companies throughout Ukraine. Call and order!