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Labels for products and goods

Product labels

The product label is a textual and graphic source of information about a particular product or item, indicating important details about the name, manufacturer, composition, date of manufacture, consumption and warranty service of this product. The label can be made of various materials - paper, cardboard, film base, fabric - and have the appearance of a self- adhesive sticker, label or tag. On many products, labels contain barcodes - special information about the product, read by appropriate electronic devices or cash registers of stores.

A bright and colorful label for products with a bright image and fresh design serves as an indicator of a quality product. We propose printing of high quality labels only. To adequately represent and recommend the logo and attributes of your company, we advise you to entrust the manufacture of the layout and label printing to the professionals of our printing house. High-quality printing equipment as quickly as possible to cope with any volume of circulation. The newest imaging technologies and modern materials guarantee environmental friendliness and wear resistance of printing, as well as ease of use on different surfaces. Self-adhesive label for food, advertising of household goods, label on alcohol products (printing labels for champagne, for example), stickers for use in suburban and urban transport, indoors and on the street - we will help translate your projects into reality. Our designers will offer options for creative design of labels of all shapes, sizes and colors for any kind of goods.

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