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Roll printing of labels by flexography method


LABEL - can be made of paper, cardboard, laminate, metalized foil, polyethylene film, fabric or synthetic material that can be attached to anything, to indicate the content, origin, direction, property or destination.

Originally, labels were used as a means of identifying a product or providing information about the properties, origin, or designation of the labeled product. Today, their use is often required for marketing purposes, as an integral part of the product packaging design.

Labels for bottles - printing and manufacturing

Appearing about two centuries ago, the first labels on the bottles were faceless, had a purely informative orientation and carried a minimum of mandatory information, namely, the location of the manufacturer, the breeder's personal data and the name of the drink. The first labels were pasted manually. Today you can buy labels in the company Multilabel.

Recently, understanding of the purpose of labels has changed. In place of self-adhesive labels came self-adhesive labels. Printing of labels and labels for bottles is performed on the most modern technology, using advanced technological developments and materials imported by European suppliers. The rules of Trade Supervision have been obliged to include in the labels on the bottles:

  • Information about the product,
  • Manufacturer and date of production,
  • Great attention is paid not to the eccentricity and attractiveness of design and color performance of labels on bottles.

This is of great importance for the buyer's decision to purchase the offered goods. The label of the goods is, in fact, his face. The label pattern for bottles acquired a pronounced advertising and information value.

Features of printing labels for champagne

For various drinks, beer, wine, vodka, champagne, mineral waters, juices, milk and others, produce the appropriate labels for bottles. They have both common features and features. Stickers for bottles can be attached to the product itself, to its packaging or added to them as a separate data carrier or decorative element. On the neck of the bottle often glue a special decorative label - koleretku, with the year of release of the drink, the name, sometimes with a photograph, in the case of an exclusive release.

The printing of labels for champagne can be ordinary or exclusive, if it is a gift, a celebratory or anniversary edition. In such cases, the labels may have special design and dimensions, as well as humorous text content or congratulations. In other cases, label printing on bottles should be standard sizes. Our quality terms and prices will pleasantly surprise you!

Order the printing of labels for bottles in the company Multilabel!


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