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Printing Labels on Film: Technology and Benefits

Printing Labels on Film: Technology and Benefits

A self-adhesive label is a great way to attract attention to your products, make your brand recognizable, convey the necessary information to the buyer. Labels, or stickers, are now widely used in the sphere of trade and services, they are an effective means of advertising and labeling of goods, but a low price for printing on self-adhesive film is available for any company.

Labeling technology

To print stickers on the film, a foil is used, which consists of a special two-layer material. The top layer is made of polyvinyl chloride, it is on it that the image and text are applied with dyes. The lower layer is an adhesive backing made of paper. When using a label, the substrate is removed, and the top layer is adhered to virtually any surface.

The film was oracle presented in a wide range of colors - the number of available colors is estimated in dozens. The film can be both matte and glossy. Used and printing stickers on a transparent film, which makes it possible to produce double-sided stickers.

Oracal Stickers: Applications

The use of Ora stickers is diverse. We list only a few of them:

  • Labels for food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, household goods. Such labels are applied to canned food, plastic and glass bottles, sausages, plastic packaging, etc. They decorate the product and allocate it on the counter, increase its attractiveness for the buyer.
  • Printing stickers on Oracal film with company logo for applying to souvenirs, office supplies, promotional materials.
  • Stickers for cars, which are placed on the windows, body, in the car.
  • Stickers in the window, which can report on promotions, sales or serve to decorate the storefront for the holiday. In this case, it is often used to print stickers on a transparent film through which light freely penetrates into the room.
  • Advertising stickers, which are placed at points of sale, metro, ground transportation.
  • Guarantee seal-stickers, which are used for protection against opening and are most often used for household appliances.
  • Labels for marking goods when transporting them.
  • Information signs and tablets.

Advantages of labels on film

The company Multilabel more than 10 years engaged in printing on film yarakal in Kiev. Over the years, we have worked so much on the production of labels that we can confidently give a 100% quality guarantee. The labels we make differ in the following qualities:

Stickers are durable and elastic, they are easy to attach and hold well on any smooth surface.

The image is applied with high-quality imported paints resistant to ultraviolet rays. Stickers can be used outdoors, without fear that the paint will fade in the sun.

Labels can be used in a wide temperature range, they easily withstand sharp temperature changes.

All products are environmentally safe.

And one more advantage of our products is reasonable prices for printing on Oracal film.

In our printing house you can order the development of a unique layout for your labels, as well as additional services, for example, coating stickers with a special heat-resistant lacquer. Stickers are made in any size, which is necessary for the customer. As for the print run, we print labels in any quantity - from small to huge lots.

Labels printed in the printing house "Multilable" - this is the highest quality and durability!

A-4 sheet label: label label printing on film

Modern stickers, with their variety of shapes, sizes and colors, are well known to every adult and even a child. With this small but significant design element, it's easy and convenient to transfer information, highlight or decorate the desired thing - bright labels are incredibly easy to use and do not require special expenses. Self-adhesive labels in our assortment are very common.

Printing of colored stickers on a transparent film

Labels and stickers are an excellent advertising tool, so their popularity is now so rapidly growing. Modern technologies allow the printing of labels on film, such labels are very convenient and quickly applied to virtually any surface and material. The main criteria for the labels today are the colorful appearance and informative content. To our clients we offer label printing on bottles. Also, important factors are wear resistance and product quality. Printing stickers on a film of high quality materials allows their further use when:

  • Branding of food,
  • Marking of clothing and children's goods,
  • For the design of all kinds of rooms.

Stickers can serve as an object of decoration or have information and advertising character.

At your service design and printing stickers on a transparent film, as well as opaque

Printing of advertising stickers

Print advertising stickers and print promotional stickers are one of the most important areas of our company, as well as a universal method of delivering information to the consumer today.

We print not just a sticker, we print your brand! For the production of your self-adhesive labels we use only the best consumables!

The products of the company "Multilabel" have a wide assortment, which includes printing of advertising labels, the price for which can not but rejoice, as well as promotional stickers of non-standard shapes and sizes, stunning full-color design, glossy and matte self-adhesive paper, foil silver and gold. For the production of stickers and stickers used as a strong adhesive on a rubber base, and light on an acrylic basis, thanks to the last sticker can be easily and without a trace removed from any surface on which it was glued, making it convenient for use in the restaurant business, as well as any Economic purposes.

Our advertising stickers have proven themselves and will always meet your expectations.



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