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2017-11-06 - We invite you to visit the exhibition FoReCh 2017

Hello! We are glad to inform you that we are looking forward to all at the next international exhibition of restaurant and hotel business and cleaning FoReCH 2017! We will introduce the novelty of our company and many different products for the res

2017-09-06 - We invite you to visit our stand at the exhibition WorldFood Ukraine 2017

Dear Clients! The company "Multilabel" invites you to visit our stand at the exhibition "WorldFood Ukraine 2017". The exhibition will be held from 25.10.2017 to 27.10.2017 in the International Exhibition Center, Brovarsky Avenue,

2017-08-19 - The hunting season is already in full swing

2015-09-27 - Stickers from fluorescent self-adhesive paper

Stickers from fluorescent colored self-adhesive paper, known for its incredible properties to attract attention with color. Fluorescent stickers are used for various projects, because they can advantageously stand out from afar without having to appl

2014-07-19 - Types of labels for alcoholic beverages

 Try to conduct a small survey in the department of alcoholic beverages or a specialized store. Just choose the right audience (you, of course, understand what we "subtly" hinted at). We are sure that when asked why this or that produc

2014-07-19 - How stickers are printed.

 Today we can safely say that stickers are the same widespread and important information carrier and advertising option, as well as its closest "relative" product label. But the stickers, in addition to the advertising and information

2014-07-19 - The most famous labels on products.

 On the topic of the most famous labels on products is difficult to say - sometimes not without a smile, and sometimes not without sadness. And it happens that we are embroiled in a mixture of feelings.   If the design for printing labels f

2014-07-19 - Types of label printing

 The history of labels is no less ancient and interesting than the history of other familiar objects that surround us and to which we have long been accustomed. But no matter how the label was changed, it was always the most concise and convenie

2014-07-07 - History of stickers

 The prototype of a modern sticker can be considered an ordinary postage stamp. A little later, in the XIX century, colorfully decorated sheets of paper with information began to be used to identify goods. Of course, they did not stick, but only

2014-07-07 - History of the appearance of labels

 As soon as mankind began to produce and sell something, it became necessary to have some kind of "information carrier" that gives an idea of ??the contents of this or that capacity. Initially, it was branded on amphorae, bottles or ju

2013-12-18 - The site has published a glossary

 For your convenience, we have marked out a glossary - a dictionary of terms used in printing and printing. You can read the main terms and their meaning in the "Glossary" section.