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How stickers are printed.

 Today we can safely say that stickers are the same widespread and important information carrier and advertising option, as well as its closest "relative" product label. But the stickers, in addition to the advertising and information function, can also perform decorative. Experts of the company "Multilabel" will not only dedicate you to the "sacraments" of the printing process and will tell you how the labels are printed, but also help you determine which of them will be most acceptable for your business and other activities. 

After all, as you know, a modern range of labels allows you to choose the types you need to communicate information about the product, its marking, advertising products or services, decorating. With the help of stickers you can train and entertain. Such a variety of functions makes the labels more and more popular, which means that the number of orders for printing stickers at the producer's price also increases. 

There are a lot of spheres of application of stickers, and new ones appear every day. But, nevertheless, all stickers can be divided into three types depending on their purpose:
In addition, there are also two-sided, mirror, protective, warranty stickers. Thus, you can always choose the ones that will best meet your needs and fully satisfy your preferences.
And we are ready to accept an order for any print run - from small to very large. Printing is carried out by offset, silk screen and flexographic method. Printing on paper or film is possible, printing with lamination and UV varnish.
Printing stickers can be with a different number of colors - from one to multicolour.
Unique features of modern printing, the right choice of material and type of glue, design developments, creative approach to the creation of layouts of labels - all this allows us to implement any orders. The production of the company "Multilabel" is distinguished by high image quality, capable of withstanding UV exposure, sudden temperature changes, and absolute environmental safety.