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The most famous labels on products.

 On the topic of the most famous labels on products is difficult to say - sometimes not without a smile, and sometimes not without sadness. And it happens that we are embroiled in a mixture of feelings.

If the design for printing labels for bottles or packaging lives for a long time, then it is in demand and worthy, and this is the best compliment to its creator. And in connection with this I remember ... But no, let's start with another.
In recent years, it has become "fashionable" to recollect Soviet-era childhood objects. In a very long and very diverse list we will find a well-known jar with condensed milk. Someone now thought: "And this is where?" And besides, that on this very jar was a very modest label on the current design "swing" - white and blue, with an unassuming inscription. No you intrigue, no super-original marketing moves.
And it so happened that it was this label that returned to many modern cans of condensed milk. Especially it is characteristic for the enterprises which aspire to make production on the initial compounding and technology, therefore they try to buy labels long familiar to the consumer. After all, what are we nostalgic about? On the naturalness of the product and its quality, on which depends both its taste and aroma.
And now - I remember 1936, when the Russian graphic artist and artist Iraida Fomina created a famous blue and white label for the canning industry. By the way, in 2011 the label "hit" - 75 years! True, the main customer did not remember this, alas. Meanwhile, unpretentious design of the label is used up to now as a kind of brand. In the 90's a number of manufacturers tried to get away from it, but the result was negative. Even those companies that have managed to create their own successful brand, over time or forced to return to a familiar label, or began to use its main elements. It was quite obvious - the consumer prefers condensed milk with a familiar label.
Here is the story of the "Soviet Cinderella" in the field of printing price tags and labels for various products.
There are other examples of famous "long-livers". In the book by Victor Lobkovich "The Golden Age of Russian Perfumery and Cosmetics" you will find amazing examples of how the well-known masters of the brush - V. Vrubel, A. Apsit, A. Belsky, V. Rossinsky - used their great hand to create magnificent samples of labels and packaging.