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Printing of barcode label codes

The presence of a special label with a commodity barcode is now an indispensable condition for marking any product. Such bar codes are read by special electronic equipment, a microcontroller or a scanner, and contain distinctive technical information about the product.

Today, there are different ways of encoding information, different in structure and complexity bar codes are used in trade, medicine, postal service, when printing periodicals and even government documents.

When printing a bar code to order, the main thing is to correctly form it and position it on the label.

The EAN / UPC linear information coding system used in the trade combined the American encoding model (UPC) with the European (EAN-13). Each such complex code is unique and consists of a series of symbols conventionally divided into several groups. Each group, in turn, carries digital and alphabetical information about the country, the manufacturer, the product itself. At the stage of label printing and printing, extreme accuracy is important, so as not to miss important elements and subsequently avoid unreadable barcodes.

Features of printers for printing bar codes on labels

Special printers for printing labels, which also print bar codes on labels, provide:

  • Brightness and contrast of printing;
  • Corrugated surface of the drawing of the bar code;
  • Trouble-free reading of information contained in the bar code;
  • Use for printing of special labels for goods in rolls;
  • Piece printing of labels;
  • The possibility of further labeling with the help of an applicator, which several times reduces labor costs;
  • Print labels directly from your electronic data.

Printing of bar codes of labels is made on special printers, with the help of cheko-printing equipment, and also in the printing house. To ensure the quality of applying all the smallest elements of the barcode label, use the services of specialists from our printing house. At your service are modern printing materials, the latest printing technologies and high-quality equipment.

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