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Roll label without printing

  For thermal printers

Thermal labels or Thermobanks

These are labels that allow a direct thermal printer to create an image by applying heat directly to the material of a colored thermo stick that has a high-temperature-activatable coating. No tape is required in the printer. The initial name: thermo-thermal labels.

Price list - a special type of printed products, informing the buyer about the subject of trade, in particular its price. Prices have long been an integral part of any product that is on sale. Often the buyer takes a sudden decision to buy a product, just by looking at the price tag.

Seeing the assortment of the desired goods from different manufacturers, the customer selects the product, bending to the details that attracted his attention, which is crucial. And it stands out among the others that the price tag and the way information is sent on it induce buying. To buy price tags for a high quality store offers to buy the company Multilable.

Having any printing equipment and materials, printing of price tags and labels can be made independently. But if you are interested in creating an attractive company image, promoting your products, increasing the rating of the outlet or the center, and increasing the inflow of customers, you should pay close attention to the printing of price tags and labels by prof.


Bright colors, a variety of sizes and shapes, special materials used only for products or for other products, modern printing technology and the latest technology, roll label printing and, most importantly, the high quality of the final professionally produced products can not be compared to the print on the ground . Professional consultation, the selection and manufacture of price tags and the production of a thermo-sticker of the desired type and circulation at an acceptable price and time, as well as information on printing stickers, you can get in our printing house.

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